"And from the music, I carved a spade. And from the music, I carved a furnace."

★★★★★ "A superlative piece of theatre" - The Reviews Hub
★★★★★ "Has a beauty that is almost unimaginable" - The New Current
★★★★★ "If you only see one thing this year, make it Radioman" - West End Wilma
★★★★★ "An all enveloping piece of wonder" - Grumpy Gay Critic
"One of those shows that makes fringe theatre so invigorating" - Camden Review
"Imaginative richness... everything from Enid Blyton to Daniel Kitson" - The Stage
"The unsettling backyard black magic of Neil Gaiman" - Exeunt

The story of Felix Trench's Radioman is the story of the Gadfly. A canalboat. But not a very nice one. There aren’t any plant pots. Or lace net curtains. Or windows. This hull is blossoming with rust. A mossy carpet reaches across from the bank and it’s tricky to work out where the cabin ends and the willow above begins. It does have a speaker. And there’s music coming from the speaker. Well, whispering really. It’s not what you might call homely. On the other hand, it is a home, so maybe you would.

Sounds You May Hear Include:

1. Water on brick.

2. Quacking.

3. The Next 5 Billion Years.

4. Cows and that.

Radioman is an hour of live storytelling with actor and Royal Court Young Writer Felix Trench and composers David Knight and Odinn Orn Hilmarsson. Trench and the composers tell the story as one, blending the speech with the score, live-mixed alongside a soundscape recorded along the Buckinghamshire stretch of the Grand Union  Canal. The result is an uplifting synthesis of sound and image like no other. Radioman is a mossy, waterlogged tale of obsession, produced by Crowley & Co. and directed by Tom Crowley.

Set design by Anna Driftmier - Lighting design by Marine Le Houezec - Stage management by Rosanna Mallinson

All design by Mihaela Bodlovic.