Collaboration, cross-promotion and free entertainment for the people.

THE PAPER IS ON HIATUS! Huge thanks to all of our contributors so far - WATCH THIS SPACE!

STOCKISTS HAVE INCLUDED: Gosh! Comics (Soho), Daunt Books (Belsize Park), Appestat Café (Angel), Black Gull Books (East Finchley), Housmans Books (King's Cross) and The Old Red Lion Theatre (Angel)

In our ongoing attempt to generate, retain and entertain the kind of small-but-dedicated following which keeps a fringe theatre company alive, we're producing a free monthly paper to showcase our collaborators' many talents as well as provide listings for all our events. 

If you're a London-based creative, we want to get the word out about your work! We're offering distribution and tasteful presentation of your work in exchange for content. 

If you've got a play, exhibition, podcast episode, album launch or anything else you want people to know about within the next month, send something in! If we feature your submission, we'll put your event on the official Paper listings page at the back, as well as including a credit for your submission and a link to your website, Twitter or Facebook page. Which is not to say that you should only submit material if you've got a show on! Submissions just for the hell of it are also more than welcome. We can't offer any money for your pieces, but we also will not ask for any contribution towards printing costs. This is really an experiment, which Crowley & Co. is entirely prepared to bankroll for the sheer joy of creating a really enticing and appealing publication.

The sort of material we're after includes:

Flash fiction (100-500 word stories)
Comic strips
Fine art
Spoof adverts
Type design
Reviews (as ludicrous or sincere as you like)
Short articles in any field
Humour pieces – lists, character sketches etc.

...and anything else that can be printed on paper!

We want to consolidate the efforts of all our very talented mates as well as giving them a united platform from which to promote their work, and create a bite-sized treat which a reader will actually enjoy in the process. We think the best way to do this is for The Paper to be funny, eclectic and made with love. After all, imagine being given a flyer you'd actually want to read!

In terms of formatting, The Paper issues are double-sided A3 sheets which fold down into 32 A7 portrait squares, including title page on the front and listings page on the back. Your submission can be aligned as two A7 panels side-by-side, or three in a column, or whatever looks best. If you want to tailor your submission to this specification, that would be very helpful, but we're more than happy to arrange the pieces like a big beautiful jigsaw puzzle ourselves.

We can't wait to see your work!