SHOCK TREATMENT, the sequel to Rocky Horror, adapted for the stage by Tom Crowley

"Time's tight, Janet. Do it right, Janet. Until tomorrow night, Janet..."

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Shock Treatment, the sequel to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, is receiving its world stage premiere at the King's Head Theatre in April 2015 thanks to Tarquin Productions' brand new adaptation, written by Tom Crowley and inspired by the original screenplay by Jim Sharman. With lyrics by Richard O'Brien, music by Richard Hartley and direction by Benji Sperring, the show reintroduces us to our old friends Brad and Janet. However, this time, they’re not fighting transsexual aliens in a B-movie nightmare. Instead, we join them as they are sucked into the world of TV Media, where bleach-white teeth and immaculate make-up are warpaint, the studio audience are baying for blood, and the executives will stop at nothing to get the ratings through the roof.

To do the Rocky sequel justice, Tarquin have gathered together an all-star fringe theatre creative crew including virtuoso musical director and composer Alex Beetschen, expert choreographer Lucie Pankhurst and celebrated West End set designer Tim Shortall. Add to that an incredible cast comprising Julie AthertonRosanna Hyland, comedy duo Nic Lamont and Adam Rhys-Davies (aka The Twins Macabre), Mateo OxleyBen Kerr and Mark Little and the laughs - and shocks - come thick and fast.