A chilling one-woman tale of love lost.

One of TIME OUT and THE STAGE's Top Picks for VAULT Festival 2017

"Definitely a hit!" ★★★★ - LondonTheatre1
"Breathtakingly beautiful" ★★★★ - Views From The Gods
"Exceptionally emotive... Morossa's storytelling is almost flawless" ★★★★ - The Reviews Hub
"Morossa recounts an astonishing series of events that is four parts chilling to one part hilarious; weaving mind-bending, almost Lovecraftian horror with the quintessentially English mindset... I urge you to seek her out and experience it for yourself" - Exeunt

Five nights at VAULT Festival 2017
7:30pm, 1st-5th February 2017
The Vaults, Leake Street, SE1 7NN

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Greywing House sits precariously on the coast keeping watch over a cruel and tumultuous ocean. Miss Amelia has prepared your room, and awaits your arrival to introduce guests both past and present. Breakfast is unfortunately no longer provided as one can never be entirely certain of the time. A few simple rules: no smoking, no pets or animals (excepting, of course, Mr Thurston up the stairs) and no chanting of evocations in communal areas.

Award-winning performer Molly Beth Morossa returns to the London Horror Festival with her second solo show, following her debut, Carnival of Crows ("Filled with the freshness of Roald Dahl’s Rotten Rhymes and the nauseating monstrosity of Sweeney Todd" - Three Weeks). In Greywing House, Morossa intertwines storytelling, poetry, cabaret and original music by Daniel Cross (of Little Death Machine). This examination of isolation and loss through a classically gothic lens is sure to carry you out into deep, dark waters.