"As long as there is man, there will be men cast out by men."

The economy teeters on the edge of disaster, joblessness rises and homelessness is endemic. To inspire hope in a jaded public, the government funds an enormous art installation – a utopian city of the future named Tomorrow. But is a city still a city if it doesn’t house anyone?

Two years into construction, the huge building site is overseen by the artist commissioned to design it, the project leader in charge of the men building it and the government minister greasing the wheels of public relations. On top of mounting budget concerns, practical fears and pressure from above, they suddenly find themselves confronting an unexplained spate of employee suicides. Can a work of art ever justify the cost of human lives?

If this is a dead city, then who are the shadowy figures filling its streets in the night?

First developed on the Royal Court Young Writer's Programme, then workshopped at the King's Head Theatre's Without Décor scheme, Tom Crowley's play Ghost City finally debuted at VAULT Festival 2015, performed in February in the cavernous Pit space, directed by the writer. The production starred Sarah Thom, Richard Rycroft, Felix Trench, Robert G Slade, Hayden Wood and Pippa Caddick and was nominated for the VAULT's coveted Festival Spirit Award. As it has since the beginning, Ghost City at the VAULT featured original music by Odinn Hilmarsson and original artwork by Charlotte Kaye. Lighting design and operating came courtesy of Josh Littlewood and the movement consultant was Jennifer Fletcher. The producer was Caitlin Benedict.